FAQs about maintenance and care for dreadlocks ②

Q: How long does hair need to be to do a French braid?

A: It is recommended to have at least 5 centimeters of hair length. Hair as short as 3 centimeters can be braided, but it requires frequent maintenance to ensure it stays secure and reliable.


Q: Can you wash French braids?

A: Normally, it is recommended to wash them every 3 days. In summer, washing them daily is also acceptable.


Q: How long can French braids last after they are done?

A: They can last permanently. After the initial styling, it's recommended to visit a French braiding specialist every 2 months for maintenance.


Q: Can French braids be removed if I no longer want them?

A: Yes, French braiding specialists provide removal services.


Q: Does getting French braids damage the hair quality?

A: No, it doesn't. Right after removing French braids, the hair may have a slight frizzy texture, but it can recover after washing.


Q: What should I do if I have flyaways or frizz after getting French braids?

A: A few days after getting French braids, you may notice flyaways at the roots. There's no need to worry too much, as this is a normal occurrence. If you don't like the flyaways, you can trim them off, or you can visit a French braiding specialist for maintenance later on.


Q: Why does the scalp hurt after getting French braids?

A: In the first 1-2 days after getting French braids, you may feel some pulling sensation on the scalp. The first 2 weeks are an adjustment period for the braids, during which the scalp may itch. It's necessary to endure this phase, as it will subside once the adjustment period is over.


Q: Does getting French braids cause baldness?

A: No, French braids do not cause balding.


Q: How do you distinguish between good and bad French braids?

A: First, look at whether the braids are uniform, without sections being inconsistently thick or thin. Check if the patterns are clear; clearer marks are generally less desirable. Ensure they are not crooked or unevenly done. Properly defined parting is also crucial; unless there are specific requirements, too many or too few sections are not ideal.


Q: How should French braids be maintained regularly?

A: Avoid special care routines; refrain from touching them unnecessarily to prevent loosening. Avoid constantly tying them up; they need to be left loose for some time each day as hair naturally accumulates oils that can cause them to stick together. It's important to gently separate and arrange the braids with your hands daily, particularly at the roots.


Q: Can you blow dry French braids after washing them?

A: Yes, you can. I blow dry mine every time after washing, and it doesn't affect them.

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