The difference between Human Hair Locs and Synthetic Locs

Locs can be made from two types of materials: synthetic fibers and human hair. There are various materials available on the market, each with differences in price and usage.


   In terms of appearance, synthetic locs are noticeably stiffer. Under light sources, synthetic locs reflect light strongly, giving them a plastic-like appearance. High-quality human hair locs look identical to natural hair and exhibit a natural sheen under light.


   Synthetic locs feel coarse to the touch, dry, and lack elasticity, often feeling stiff. Human hair locs, on the other hand, are unmistakably real human hair, smooth, elastic, and sometimes even slightly moist.


   Synthetic wigs do not have natural hair texture, making them prone to tangling and difficult to manage after several uses, becoming frizzy. Human hair wigs vary widely in quality, with high-quality ones resembling natural hair and being easy to maintain.

Cap Construction:

   Human hair locs are crafted with intricate cap constructions, using various hand-sewn techniques. They often feature a scalp-like area at the front, allowing for realistic parting and excellent breath ability. Synthetic locs typically have simpler cap constructions with a less breathable and comfortable feel, often using a thick layer of glue for the scalp area.


   To distinguish between synthetic and human hair locs, a simple test involves burning a strand of hair. Human hair burns to ash and smells like burnt hair, while synthetic hair curls into a hard ball and smells like burnt plastic.

Which is better, synthetic locs or human hair locs?

Synthetic Fiber Locs:

   These dreads are made from synthetic fibers, categorized into low-temperature fibers, high-temperature fibers, and protein fibers. Low-temperature fibers are used for styling and making bangs; high-temperature fibers are suitable for curly hairstyles; protein fibers feel closer to human hair and offer higher realism, suitable for various styles.

Human Hair Locs:

   These dreads are made from processed human hair, offering a realistic appearance and texture similar to natural hair. They are versatile, allowing for dyeing, styling, and heating, but they are generally more expensive and require proper care.

People buy synthetic hair because it's inexpensive. For some girls, purchasing synthetic,female hair is low-cost, affordable, and allows for versatile hairstyles without too much concern if damaged. On the other hand, more affluent women/man tend to prefer human hair locs, such as the skinny,thin,long or short butterfly locs, which offer better quality and higher cost-effectiveness for long-term wear. At the same time, human hair locs also tend to be relatively more mildewed.Human hair locs are also easier to dye, making it simpler to achieve bright colors like white, blue,red and orange, green, golden blonde,honey blonde,lavender,copper, copper-orange, ombre, and others.

 Additionally, some people buy hair bundles to crochet themselves, while others directly purchase single or double-ended locs for extensions.

In summary, choosing between synthetic and human hair locs depends on factors such as budget, desired appearance, and maintenance preferences.

At Familocs, we have a wide range of human hair to choose from, whether you're looking for a classic, understated or human hair lace front wigs, we'll make sure you get the perfect wig to suit your needs.

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