How to do loc extensions?

1.To prepare your hair for loc attachment, you’ll need to section and twist your natural hair.

2.Place the loc extension at the base of one of your sections of natural hair.

3.With a crochet hook, begin to crochet the loose extension hair to your natural hair.

4.Grip your natural hair and the extension hair with your forefinger, middle finger, and thumb.

5.Insert and pull out the crochet hook repeatedly.

6.Every so often, stop crocheting, turn the hair, and crochet from a different angle.

7.Stop crocheting when the hair feels locked and secure.

8.Repeat the above steps to attach the rest of the locs.

Note: Make sure not to crochet too close to the scalp, as this can cause scalp pain. Leave at least a half-inch of hair unlocked.

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